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common sense construction excellence

We can tell you how we deliver quality projects on time and within budget,
but it’s really about what our clients think.

“It has been a pleasure working with you and all your employees. They are all professionals. The project has moved along very smoothly even with the small roadblocks we have had and especially the weather. Thank you for your dedication on this project.”

Robert Little, County Commissioner
Jefferson County Indiana

“It was a pleasure to work with (Shireman). The quality and professionalism did not go unnoticed, in fact, it was a welcome change for me in today’s construction environment.”

David W. Mattingly, Inc. Real Estate
(Kort Physical Therapy)

“In every project, we knew we could count on Shireman. Their extensive knowledge and understanding of schools and construction has saved our district a considerable amount of time and money. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Shireman Construction… They stand beside you after the project is over. The same cannot be said for others.”

Lance Richards, Superintendent
North Harrison Community Schools

“Shireman does an exemplary job of handling issues when they do occur. They are good planners, well organized, and willing to stand up for the client that they are serving. You are certain to get honest answers and work performed in a timely and professional manner… and maybe most importantly, on budget. We have been thrilled to work with (the Shireman Team) on numerous projects in Harrison County and look forward to the possibility of many more.”

Harrison County Commissioners
Kenny Saulman, President
Charlie Crawford, Commissioner
Jim Heitkemper, Commissioner

“Shireman makes every effort possible to satisfy the customer. They take great pride in their work.
They do it correctly, on time, and under budget.”

Monty Schneider, Superintendent
West Clark Schools

“In 25 years, I have found no company and/or individual equivalent to the performance of Shireman Construction.”

Dr. Neyland G. Clark, Superintendent
South Harrison Community

“I have never worked with a more dedicated professional firm in my entire experience.
Our projects had many complicating and difficult factors but were finished on time and under budget.”

Terry E. Smith, Superintendent
West Clark Community Schools

“I have found (Shireman to be a team of) high quality, making our jail project one of the easiest projects that I have been involved in. They understand the complexities of the project, and their communication with us was excellent.

Phillip D. Marshall, President
Washington County Board of Commissioners

“I have served as a County Commissioner during the past four years where I have met and worked with many engineering and construction companies. I am pleased to say Shireman Construction has surpassed my expectations for professionalism, integrity, and commitment to success on every project they have been involved with.”

George Ethridge
Harrison County Commissioner

“As the Interim Superintendent of the corporation, I have been able to focus on other needed elements of the common daily requirements, while Shireman has been “boots on the ground” daily to ensure efficient, timely results and proper oversite within the totality of the project(s). Shireman has assisted us with keeping each project under budget and on time amid a global pandemic.”

Dr. Thomas R Brillhart,Interim Superintendent
Silver Creek School Corporation

“Mark, Thanks for you and Jack attending the meeting last night. Also it was good for you to explain the additional increase in materials. Thanks for the kind words last night . I really do enjoy working with each and everyone of you on this project. Please pass this on. Thanks again for all you do and have a great weekend. R. Little”

Robert Little, County Commissioner
Jefferson County Indiana

“There were many builders who said they could not build our school for the amount of money we had, but (Shireman) did make this happen and it still has the quality and the appearance that we wanted.”

Sara Hauselman, Superintendent/Principal
Rock Creek Community Academy

“I found the staff at the Shireman firm to be well organized, good planners, always anticipating various situations, and good problem solvers. When a problem occurred, or an error was discovered, the follow-up was candidly honest, complete, timely, and done in a professional manner.”

Dr. Thomas J. Fihe, Superintendent
Salem Community Schools

“Areva’s Phase I development project had a lot of legal requirements in order to get approval from the USFDA. Through the planning and construction of the project, (the Shireman) team demonstrated professionalism, efficiency and deep understanding of the legal requirements needed…. We worked as a team and the execution was flawless.”

Victor Swami, Pharmacist and CEO
Areva Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Shireman is excellent at keeping the project under budget. They saved the school corporation thousands of dollars before the project ever broke ground. They work very closely with all agencies, keeping us out of trouble and safe.”

Dr. Ken Oppel, Assistant Superintendent
North Harrison School Corporation

“They were always on schedule and, more important, on budget.  Shireman staffed both our projects with excellent project managers and superintendents. Our staff embraced them throughout the project and actually thought of them as part of the staff since they saw them every day. They took time to explain everything to our staff, so they fully understood what was happening. I would highly recommend using Shireman Construction for any of your building needs and/or renovations.”

Dr. Thomas J. Dykiel, Chief Financial Officer
Greater Clark County Schools

“I have commented to others about your professionalism and want you to know I greatly appreciate it.”

Dennis E Brooks, Superintendent
New Albany-Floyd County
Consolidated School Corporation

“Joe and his team were excellent to work with. Attention was paid to the specific needs for the facility. They kept us informed during the entire building process, provided affordable options, and completed the project under budget. The quality of the construction was excellent. I would highly recommend (Shireman Construction) for any building project.”

Barbara Middleton, Board Chair
Harrison County Community Foundation

“The jail renovation project here in Clark County is in good hands with the Shireman Group as C.M. All of us involved have found this project to be of high quality and extremely well managed by Shireman. These Construction Managers have helped us search for cost saving ideas and certainly have a sense of urgency, but not at the sacrifice of quality.”

Daniel E. Moore, Esq.
Attorney for Commissioners, Clark County, IN

“Unlike the bigger statewide firms, you advocate for the owner which ultimately benefits those whose dollars are being spent.  Your firm provides quality management.”

Tom Doddridge, Superintendent
Crawford County Community School Corp

“(Shireman’s) daily contact with the contractors and my staff has been invaluable, their ideas and cost savings measures can’t be beat, there seems to be no end to the intellect the company brings to the table.”

Frank Loop, Sheriff
Floyd County Sheriff’s Department
“The $5.2 million dollar design build project was on time and under budget.  The post occupancy evaluation of their construction outcome is outstanding.”
Charlotte A. Nesbitt, Executive Director
Southwest Indiana Regional Youth Village
“We found (Shireman) to be responsive to our questions and needs. They did an excellent job of overall management of this project, protecting both the needs of us, as users of the facility, and the interests of the County, as the owners.”

                Brad Ellsworth
                Sheriff of Vanderburgh County, Indiana

“Very effective, never a lapse in oversight, attention to detail, great work ethic with moral valves, on time under budget.”

                James Goldman, Chairman
                Harrison County Board of Commissioners

“Throughout the construction of the Crawford County Judicial Complex, Shireman served as the County’s ‘eyes and ears’ at the construction site.  As questions and challenges arose, Shireman answered them. Their experience and expertise in construction management has been made exceptionally clear.”

                John E. Colin
                Crawford County Attorney

“Did we make the right decision? Our project came in $700,000 under budget. There were no problems with subcontractors. We were kept informed so there were no ‘surprises’. Finally, the taxpayers got a structure that was attractive, functional, and secure.”

             Terry L. Miller
               Harrison County Commissioner

“Our agency has handled the bonding needs for Shireman Construction since 1967. Not once during this 52 year period have we received the first telephone call arising from a dispute or disagreement on any project. This 3rd generation firm has developed one of the finest reputations in Southern Indiana….”

William A. Kantlehner, III, President
Garrett-Stotz Company

“We were very pleased with the quality of service (Shireman Construction) provided. They were on time with our building and they followed up on any needs we had. We appreciated their responsiveness and the way they conducted business.”                   
Steve Smith
Fred Smith Store Fixtures
“The Clark County Jail Holding Corporation made a decision to entrust them with our $16.9 million dollar jail addition and renovation project and it has been an excellent decision.  I personally do not know what we would have done without them.”

                    Veronica Conlin, President
                    Clark County Jail Holding Corporation

“We highly recommend this group to represent the interests of your tax payers while providing you the best of quality possible.”

Board of Commissioners, Clark County, IN

“Thanks to their efforts as CM closely working with our Architects our project bids came in under the original budget and our County was able to add several alternates to our plans.”
                    Catherine Fannello
                    Board of Commissioner of the County of Vanderburgh
“It is rare that we work with a CM that shows the concern for the client that Shireman and their people do.  They obviously take their work personally and show a lot of pride in the work that they do.  Additionally, the follow-up after substantial completion on the project was outstanding, the best of any construction manager we have ever worked with.”

Joseph M. Mrak, AIA
RQAW Corporation

“Whether Shireman is involved as CM, Consultant or GC, I feel the owner will greatly benefit from the level of personal commitment that they bring to every project, resulting in a quality project that is on time and under budget.”
Jeff Davis, CFO
Harrison County Hospital
“It is my personal and professional opinion that Shireman Construction is one of the finest contractors in the area.”

Mark W. Pangburn, P.E.
Pangburn Engineering

“The level of professionalism and performance has been above expectations.”

Richard Bader, Fire Chief
Georgetown Fire Protection District


 “I have been through two major construction projects and thus far there is no comparison to the quality of the management services on this project.”

Joe LaRocca, Executive Director
Southern Indiana YMCA 

“A demonstrated ability to foresee conflicts and be proactive in dealing with them.  The right sized company.  Their clients are important to them and they have all the resources to provide excellent results.”

Hank Taylor, VP
Eagle Steel Products

“Shireman was excellent in terms of quality control measures, timeliness, customer relations, management and flexibility.”
James Walker, AIA
Walker Architects
“ I highly recommend Shireman Construction…. (they) make sure there are no ‘surprises’ at the end of the project.”

John E. Jones, President
John Jones Automotive Group

“We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with (Shireman Construction) on several projects.  They are a well respected firm who handle their business affairs in a very professional manner.”

Lawrence J. Timperman, AIA
Michell Timperman Ritz Architects

“I have found them to be above reproach in every respect.  They have always been responsive to our needs and their workmanship is above our expectations.”

                Fred K. Cammack

                Town Council President, Town of Corydon, Indiana
“The Shireman firm brings that something extra to the table.  They care for their customers and they make you feel like part of the family.  They take great pride in their reputation, accomplishments and work very hard to meet the needs of their customers.”

Michael E. Sesko, Construction Project Manager
Caesars Indiana


“Some of the key tasks that stand out that made Shireman an excellent firm to do business with were:

•  Thorough and informative in the planning stage of the project
•  Communicated well throughout the project
•  Offered many helpful suggestions and options as the project progressed
    •  Followed up on our suggestions, and investigated our options
    •  Had few, if any, quality issues to follow up on
    •  Investigated property and existing building needs so as not to create any disruptions in
                   utilities and availability of other campus buildings.”

                    W. Edward Hoehn, Project Supervisor
                    St. Joseph Catholic Church

“I would like to thank you for your cooperation during this process; it was completed without any complications that accompany most building projects.”

                Kenneth B.  Rush, V.P.
                Corydon Stone & Asphalt, Inc.
                Sellersburg Stone Co.

“Our project was done on time, on budget, and professionally with care and skill.”

                Dennis J. Murphy, Executive V.P.
                Presbyterian Foundation


“Shiremans are great team players with good organization and communication skills.”

                James A. Hodge, President
                Heritage Ford-Mercury, Inc.