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Recreational Centers

common sense construction excellence

“I have been through two major construction projects, and thus far,
there is no comparison to the quality of the management services on this project.”

Joe LaRocca, Executive Director, Southern Indiana YMCA

Our Focus on Recreational Centers Construction  Projects

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy on construction is to balance excellent design with the Owner’s budget – every time, on time. No matter the size or scope of the project, we’re there to help provide communities with the best recreational project.


We plan and deliver high-quality, on-time results in concert with the Owners and other stakeholders. We use clear, timely communication, common-sense experience, and tight financial controls to deliver outstanding projects that will knock the ball out of the park (pun intended).


Every progress meeting leads off with a safety discussion. All prime contractors and the Shireman team maintain a written safety plan on site. In addition, our project managers are 10-hours or more OSHA certified, meaning they have been independently trained on construction safety and the federal regulations. The Shireman team also has CPR and first aid training annually.

Things To Consider When Planning a Recreational Construction Project

  1. Consider the possibility of future expansion and the possibility of additional sports activities.
  2. Do you have enough property? How will the structure be positioned to maximize space?
  3. Understand various user needs. Understand the facility with user insights.
  4. Build flexibility into design
  5. Are restrooms designed to be large enough and easily maintained?
  6. Design snack bars that can expand and be easily maintained. Also, consider workflow for multiple people.
  7. Design for long-lasting, low-maintenance construction.
  8. Have you allowed for enough parking that can take an occasional overflow crowd?
  9. Is the flow of the parking lot easy and safe?
  10. Provide space to display advertising efficiently
  11. Design for safety, especially for young people
  12. Provide adequate security lighting