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Silver Creek High School

Project Summary

Shireman Construction was hired by West Clark School Corporation to serve as Construction Manager. At Silver Creek High School Shireman replaced portions of the roof system, updated the HVAC throughout the building, and added AC to gyms. Shireman oversaw the construction of a new main office, and enhanced the security systems.

Project Stats

  • Construction Management
  • Initially was part of a 5-School construction project
  • Oversaw 3 different architects
  • Required great communication and collaboration
  • Required pinpoint phasing
  • Additional enhancements have been added
  • Completed projects on time and under budget

“As the Interim Superintendent of the corporation, I have been able to focus on other needed elements of the common daily requirements, while Shireman has been “boots on the ground” daily to ensure efficient, timely results and proper over site within the totality of the project(s). Shireman has assisted us with keeping each project under budget and on time amid a global pandemic.”

Dr. Tohmas R. Brillhart, Interim Superintendent, Silver Creek School Corporation