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Silver Creek Elementary School

Project Summary

West Clark Schools went out for a bond issue to make improvements on all 4 campuses, including the creation of a new Early Childhood Development Center. Hired as Construction Manager, Shireman coordinated the work in separate bid packages on all four campuses. The overall project was $24,000,000. Shireman worked closely to manage and phase the work so as not to disturb classes and still control the schedule and budget. Tight controls and an outstanding understanding of the best materials and resources available in the area, Shireman was able to complete 4 projects $2,000,000 under budget.

The centerpiece of this construction venture was the new Early Childhood Development Center in Sellersburg. The innovative design and super energy-efficient geothermal system and was awarded the Energy Star designation by the federal government. Through tight budget controls, the series of projects finished $2 million under budget. The surplus money was used to fund even more projects for the school district, managed by Shireman.

Project Stats

  • Construction Management
  • Careful phasing to limit classroom disruption
  • Updates and Remodel
  • Part of a multi-site project by school corporation
  • Completed under budget leaving money for further enhancements
  • In the fall of 2003, with your assistance during the preceding 3 years, we opened all of our new, remodeled, and expanded schools. It was a $55,000,000 project, consisting of 5 different major projects taking place in three different towns simultaneously. I have never worked with a more dedicated, professional firm in my entire experience as Superintendent of West Clark Community Schools, or in any other capacity. All the employees of the company, starting with, and especially, Mark, himself, were always very straightforward and honest. They took complete responsibility for everything they would be expected to, and even more.

    Terry E. Smith, Superintendent, West Clark Community Schools