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River Valley Middle School Remodel

Project Summary

Greater Clark’s River Valley Middle School’s remodel was a Design Build project. It involved interior renovation and remodel of school classrooms, hallways, HVAC, floors, and other interior improvements. Greater Clark’s goal was to close the open-concept classrooms for the safety of the students/faculty and to create a better learning environment. Construction was completed while the school was fully occupied so careful phasing and communication with owners and school officials was imperative to minimize impact on students, teachers, and staff. This project was completed concurrently with Charlestown Middle School.

Project Stats

  • Design Build
  • Renovation and remodel
  • School fully occupied during construction
  • Completed concurrently with Charlestown Middle School
  • Completed on schedule
  • Completed within budget

“We highly recommend this group to represent the interests of your taxpayers while providing you the best of quality possible.”

Board of Commissioners, Clark County, IN