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Crawford County Justice Center

Project Summary

Under court order to upgrade their facilities and with the lowest tax base in Indiana, budget was critical to Crawford County when considering their new courthouse and 85-bed jail.

Though brought in late in the process as CM, Shireman was able to work with Schenkel & Schultz Architects to review and alter the design and make the budget work. Shireman also worked with local bidders to make value-engineering decisions to further reduce costs.

As often is the case in Southern Indiana, poor site conditions were encountered. Shireman helped to create a lime-stabilization program and modified the schedule to keep the owner’s move-in date from being delayed. The schedule was also helped by the use of prefabricated metal cells.

The owner moved in on time and with approx $150,000 in contingency funds returned to the County.

Project Stats

“Shireman’s initial value to the project was demonstrated early on when they reviewed and refined the architectural designs, thereby reducing costs and quite likely ensuring that the project would go forward.”

John Colin
Crawford County Attorney