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Metals USA Manufacturing

Project Summary

Building a Team to Help Build an Industry.
Thomasville, AL
70,00 sq. ft.

Growth in the steel pipe and casing business created a need for Metals USA to quickly build a steel slitting plant to serve local steel mills by rail in rural Southwest Alabama. Metals USA officials turned to Shireman, whom they had worked successfully with on a prior project in Jeffersonville, IN.

Because the area was somewhat rural, with no interstate within two hours and limited local construction capacity, Shireman worked quickly to put together a team from across the region and nation to work around the clock in order to build the 70,000 sq. ft. plant.

The project was fast-tracked from the start, with our architect team members designing the building as the Shireman team prepared the site and poured foundations. Shireman also coordinated with city and railroad officials to install a rail spur. The plant opened in time to receive and install the multi-million dollar slitting equipment to help meet the demands of the growing natural gas industry.

Project Stats

In my 25 years as an Architect, I have found Shireman to be one of the finest G.C. and Construction Managers in the State. When problems arise, they will not walk away. Instead, they find a reasonable solution for everyone involved.
– Hal E. Kovert, AIA
Kovert Hawkins Architects

A demonstrated ability to foresee conflicts and be proactive in dealing with them. The right-sized company. Shireman’s clients are important to them and they have all the resources to provide excellent results.
– Hank Taylor, VP
Eagle Steel Products Jeffersonville, Indiana

Both my father and I have handled the bonding needs for Shireman since 1967. Not once have we received the first complaint from a dispute or disagreement on any project. This spotless record is unheard of in the construction industry….
– William A. Kantlehner, lll, President
Garrett-Stotz Company