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Lucas Oil Warehouse

Project Summary

87,500 sq. ft.
In the spring of 2006, Shireman negotiated with Lucas Oil plant manager, Mike Lucas, to build an 87,500 sq.ft. addition to their existing facilty.

Work included a substantial engineered fill, site clearing and drainage while maintaining open and continuous access to the owner’s shipping scales, employee parking and uninterrupted operations.

Project Stats

We have found Shireman to be professional and accurate with estimates and workmanship.
– Earl Book, President
Carriage Ford

In my 25 years as an Architect, I have found Shireman to be one of the finest G.C. and Construction Managers in the State. When problems arise, they will not walk away. Instead, they find a reasonable solution for everyone involved.
– Hal E. Kovert, AIA
Kovert Hawkins Architects

Both my father and I have handled the bonding needs for Shireman since 1967. Not once have we received the first complaint from a dispute or disagreement on any project. This spotless record is unheard of in the construction industry….
– William A. Kantlehner, lll, President
Garrett-Stotz Company